"Knowing where you will hit before you ever press the trigger."                              
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Gear for Class


No equipment is necessary to take the reloading classes at NTRP.  You can use the equipment in the classroom.  This gives you the opportunity to try different tools and determine what suits you best for future purchase.  

The required supplies for class are:

-Reloading Dies in your caliber of choice with shell holder.


-100 pieces of new brass

-100 primers

-100 projectiles

-1lbs of powder for short action calibers, 2lbs of powder for long action calibers, or 3lbs of powder for long action magnum calibers.


Reloading data books are available at NTRP. 




NTRP recommends a rifle capable of 1MOA or better accuracy.  Match ammunition is required.  250 rounds per day is the normal round count.   The weapon needs to have an attached bipod that allows for cant (Harris BR-S 6-9”, Atlas bipod, etc), rear bag, and sling.  The sling should have a loop for positional shooting such as the National Match sling or a TAB sling.


Optics need to have external turret adjustments to dial for elevation.  Preferably, optics should have a mil-radian based reticle with 1/10th mil-radian external turret adjustments.  Other combination such as MOA/MOA or MOA/MIL is acceptable and will get the job done. 

However, MIL/MIL is the most efficient combination to learn on.

Quality heavy-duty rings will need to be used along with a 20MOA base.  Those who shoot ELR may find a 30MOA base is needed to gain enough vertical reticle travel to reach 1780 yards.


Data Book and/or note taking material.  

Data Books are available at NTRP.

Bring any other gear you normally take to the range with you. 




Required equipment is:

-Hunting rifle




-Shooting sticks or tripod

-Rear bag

-Rucksack or backpack

-Any other gear you take on a hunt with you (Laser RF, Binoculars, etc)

-100 rounds minimum