"Knowing where you will hit before you ever press the trigger."                              
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NTRP is your best source to learn reloading and shooting techniques that ensure long range accuracy, repeatability, and predictability .  The services offered benefit all levels of competitors and hand loaders.  Varmint hunters and those about to embark on a safari will appreciate the long-range accuracy instruction.  NTRP’s goal is to provide you the necessary skills to make perfect ammunition and successfully engage targets beyond 100 yards.

Most shooters are interested in rifle competitions and cartridge reloading.  But starting out at either can be intimidating and sometimes just plain confusing.  NTRP is here to help bridge that gap by providing the basics and direction.  You will have a better understanding of rifle accuracy and will not feel “lost” at your first match or long-range hunt.  Your first hand loads will be supervised and shot with the instructor.   NTRP builds their reputation one client at a time and delivers results.